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Sweet Summertime

We had dinner at The Full Moon Oyster Bar in Clemmons last night. It had been a while since I’ve been there, I don’t know why. I love that place. The food, the atmosphere, the service,  most importantly the smells. (If you haven’t been, go check them out http://www.fullmoonoysterbar.com) It is heavenly. Last night was all you can eat crab legs. Immediately as I walk in I’m taken back to a place as a kid with the smell of these amazing crab legs. It took me back to Oak Island, NC where  Heather and I spent every summer growing up. I miss that excitement of waking up knowing we are heading out on the boat for the day. If you have ever been crabbing, you know there is an art to it. We would use whole chicken backs with a hook and a long string wrapped around a small wooden peg. Those were the days when you would catch buckets and buckets of beautiful large blue crabs, come home and have one amazing crab boil. I can’t wait for warmer weather and all the wonderful foods and smells that come a long with it. Cheers to summer!



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