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I want my baby back baby back

Sunday night over dinner with friends we decided to have a “Rib Off.” I’ll be searching for the best rub recipes and possibly make up my own for the 1st Annual Rib Off. I’d love to hear your favorite recipes.  Nom Nom.




You know I like my chicken fried.

My co-worker and I got into a deep conversation about fried chicken. He tried Zaxby’s for the first time this past weekend. I’d like to take a poll on how you rate these. When you are craving chicken fingers, where do you go? I think sauce makes a world of difference too. Mmmm.

Bojangles, Chick-fil-a or Zaxby’s?


Brisket: Texas style

Chad’s boss gave them all brisket’s for Christmas and its sitting in his freezer. I came across this recipe that I am going to try in a few weeks on a Sunday when the Masters are on. My mouth is already watering. Nothing like golf & tacos right?

Grilling season is here, sans a grill.

I was craving kabobs last week for some reason. Lucky me we had it twice this week. I cooked it Friday night and Donna & Dave made it for us and  friends last night. We didn’t have a grill, so this is just as good in the pan, even without the sticks. Timeless, always yummy.



I found this idea on The Vintage Lemon blog via Pinterest. Being that Chad and I are from two different places I really like the concept of this so I gave it a try.  Yes it is cheesy.

I love The Vintage Lemon blog, check it out.  http://thevintagelemon.blogspot.com/

Move over Emeril!

I pinned this recipe a few weeks ago. This was actually extremely easy to make and the prep time wasn’t bad at all. Holy moly this turned out amazing. I think I scored some points with this one. Here is the link to the recipe, enjoy! http://www.americanfamily.com/recipes/easy-slow-cooker-jambalaya/43136/RL

Here we go!

I started up this blog as a fun way to share my love for cooking. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been inspired to try new things and go beyond my comfort zone.

My hope is that through this site we can share our love for not only food but all things heavenly.



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